Welcome to Digital Heartlander!

My Story

My entrepreneurship journey began in 2016 when I was in my final year in SMU studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Much to my parent’s dismay, I decided halfway through I was not going to be an accountant. And thus begin my journey into the realm of entrepreneurship and business as I sought to make a living on my own in the booming digital economy.



When I first started out, it was really tough for me to try and figure everything out on my own. My first few business ventures failed. And I lost a huge chunk of savings. Having already put all of my eggs in the basket, my persistence in business was more out of survival than anything else.  I tried again, had a few minor successes and then more failure. Over the years I think I must have spent over $500k on failed business attempts and mistakes.



Eventually I found my success in paid media advertising and was able to scale multiple ecommerce stores and digital platforms for recurring income. I also met several  amazing mentors and role models along the way that I will always be thankful for.



Some people think that we are defined by our successes in life, but I believe that it was my failures that forged me and propelled me to greater heights.

Why I Started This Site.

Digital Heartlander was first started from an idea borne out of my own necessity. I found that during my entrepreneurship journey, there were so many things that I tried to find online, but couldn’t find the right resources to guide me along.


That’s why I started documenting the things that I learned and posted them online, so that I could come back and refer back to them again when I needed it. Now, it’s become more of a hobby and passion to share my learnings and musings in the hopes that perhaps someone like me in the past could benefit from it – and hopefully you do to!

The wolf climbing the hill must always be hungrier than the wolf on the hill

– quote from some wise guy


Stay hungry & keep climbing peeps!