The Brave Browser – Finally an Ad-free Browsing Experience

The number of Brave browser users have been increasing exponentially and in 2021 numbers grew to more than 50 million, and the trend suggests that it will only become more prominent. In the spirit of valuing personal time and privacy, Brave offers an ad-free browsing experience without any online tracking.

Should users choose to do so, they may opt for ad notifications, and receive cryptocurrency in the form of Basic Attention Token (BAT), an Ethereum token that powers Brave Software’s digital advertising platform, as compensation for their attention. Among the over 50 million global users, 8 million of which have gained revenue from Brave.

The Front Runner in Private Browsing

When it comes to browsing the web privately, Brave goes above and beyond other browsers. Google Chrome tracks and analyses personal data as well as search history so as to present relevant ads to each individual user.

On the other end of the spectrum, protection of users’ privacy is at Brave’s core and all ads and trackers are blocked by default. Brave blocks more unwanted advertising and tracking resources than any other browser, ensuring that users are anonymous and have a fully private browsing experience.

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Save your Valuable Time while Browsing with Brave

With the ad-free experience that comes with using Brave, much of your valuable time spent viewing and closing pop-up ads will be saved. Brave also delivers a more efficient browsing process that loads pages at an astonishingly 3 to 6 times higher rate than other browsers. This gives Brave a serious edge over other browsers and really has an efficient browsing experience. You can watch Brave in action, head-to-head-to-head against Chrome and Firefox in this video.

Fancy Getting Paid (In Crypto!) to Browse the Web?

In 2021, more than 8 million Brave users made money while using Brave. In other Browsers, you pay to browse the web in the form of your valuable time viewing ads. Introducing the Brave Rewards system – a win-win structure that benefits both users and content creators alike. If you opt to do so, you can earn Basic Attention Token (BAT), an Ethereum token, by viewing privacy-respecting ads.

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Brave Ads are introduced at a convenient time and are shown separately from your main web content. They can be presented in the form of notifications or sponsored background images when you open a new tab. In other words, you get paid a small amount every time you open a new tab and a slightly higher amount when you choose to open an ad notification at your own discretion.

Rest assured that your personal information is always being kept private and confidential. From personal experience, these ads are extremely non-invasive and do not distract from my workflow. Brave gives me the choice of viewing ads at MY own convenience while also making a quick buck.

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You also have the option to pay it forward by sending BAT to support your favorite content creators on the web. In the Brave Rewards settings, you can configure multiple settings to your own preferences – which include ad frequency, monthly contribution, and tips to sites you would like to support. This is an innovative solution for content creators who are struggling to survive in the digital world where ad blockers are being used increasingly.

Transitioning to the Brave Browser

If you are convinced and would like to make the ‘Brave’ choice, switching to Brave from your current Browser is really convenient and completely hassle-free. All you need to do is download Brave and Brave will be able to import your settings and data – which include your search history, bookmarks, and extensions, from your current browser in an instant. This allows for a guaranteed smooth transition from your old Browser to Brave.

Brave is able to import data from Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. In terms of design, Brave’s aesthetics are customisable and is easy to navigate. Apart from the initial setting up of the Brave browser, it will be an effortless process to adapt from your old browser to using Brave.

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The Brave Browser behaves a lot like an improved version of Google Chrome. The transition is seamless and I have started to make a sizeable amount of revenue with Brave Rewards. I have been more than satisfied with the Brave browser and I believe Brave will continue to improve their user experience.

It is also reassuring to know that my web browsing is private and I am able to take control of some of my digital footprint. Taking into account that Brave prioritises privacy, is ad-free, efficient and even gives me profits, I dare say that Brave is the best browser there is to offer. Get started with Brave and let us know your thought about it in the comments below!