How to Claim $75 Google Ads Credit in Singapore

Claim Google Ads Credit in Singapore

If you haven’t used it before and want to advertise your business on Google ads, you can actually apply for $75 in ad credits!

How to Claim $75 in Google Ads Credits

Simply head over to Google’s singapore promotion landing page and enter your email address (note that every email address is only entitled to 1 discount code).

There have been times when the Google might reject a business and decline to send out a promo code, but those are rare.

After several minutes you should receive an email with the following subject line:

Click the email to open the message which contains your unique promotion code.

Next head over to your Google ads account. In the top menu bar, select Tools and Settings > Promotions.

Then click the “+” sign in the blue circle and enter the code that you got from the email that was sent to you. Your promo code should now be applied.

How it works is that Google will give you an additional $75 ad credit on your first $75 spent. So once you’ve set up your ad campaign and spent at least $75, you’ll receive another $75 in credits on your account.

Disclaimer: Google may change or update any of the terms in the promotion at any point in time. At the point of writing the promotion gives credits of $75 but may be changed at a later date.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully claimed your ad credits, time to get cracking to plan how you intend to run your ad campaigns.

Note of Caution: Beware of False Sites Selling Promo Codes

If you do a search on Google, you’ll likely see that there are websites selling Google ads promotion codes. We would highly recommend you stay away from these as they are likely to be scams or the codes may have already been used before.

Do not buy discount codes or google ad accounts that claim to have credits in them! It’s just not worth the risk, and if Google finds out your account will get banned anyway.

Always make sure to check that the domain you are applying for the codes start with “” before entering any of your private information.