How to Create a Grab Business Profile to Track Business Expenses Easily

How to create a Grab business profile to track spending

Setting up a Grab Business Profile is really simple and offers benefits like being able to differentiate business expenses from personal expenses as well as tracking of consolidated invoices.

Before creating a Grab Business Profile you’ll want to consider between two options:

  • Grab Business Profile
  • Grab for Business Portal

What’s the difference between a Grab Business Profile and GrabforBusiness Portal?

A Business Profile is a simple solution that allows you to differentiate between personal and business spending. If you need to submit business expense invoices for claims, this option sould be sufficient for your needs.

In contrast, the GrabForBusiness Portal allows you to do all the benefits of a Business Profile plus more. Think of it like a portal for your own company/business which allows you to add & manage employees plus track expenses, order package delivery, corporate food orders as well as grabgifts & rewards.

Should I Use Grab Business Profile or Create a GrabForBusiness Portal?

  • Grab Business Profile – If you’re a sole proprietor, owner of a small company or employee, this solution should be sufficient for you (For employees, do check with your Company Administrator, could be HR, Finance, Procurement, etc to see if they already have a Grab for Business Portal that they can add you in).
  • Grab for Business Portal – If you require more advanced corporate solutions for your transport and logistics spending on Grab as well as have a multiple employees, this solution could be better for you
Do note that only persons who can represent as Company Administrators should be the one's to sign up for the portal access.

How to Sign Up for a Grab Business Profile

1. Open your Grab app on your phone and select Account > Business Account

2. Tap on Create your own business account > Enable Business Account

3. Enter your work email address (make sure it’s correct! You’ll need this to verify your account)

4. Enter the 6-digit verification code sent to your work email

And that’s it! Your Business Profile should be created. Remember to set up your company preferences as well once you’re done. Now you can easily switch personal and business accounts to record your spending.

Important: Make sure you update the settings for your monthly statements depending on how often you want to receive them!

How to Download My Business Profile Statements?

Now that you have a Business Profile, you should automatically receive monthly statements from Grab directly to your email provided. You can also edit the settings and change the frequency to weekly if needed.

Alternatively if you require a consolidated statement over several months you can also use this method of retreiving your Grab receipts.

How to Sign Up for a GrabForBusiness Portal Corporate Account

If you wish to create a GrabforBusiness Profile for your company so that you can add and manage employees, you can sign up for it using this link . Do note that if you choose to create a GrabforBusiness Portal you do not need to create a Grab Business Profile anymore.

Make sure to check with relevant stakeholders before creating as well in case someone might have already created a corporate account for your company!