How to Download All Consolidated Gojek Transaction Receipts

how to download gojek consolidated receipts

Trying to find a way to consolidate all your Gojek receipts for your Grabfood, transport and Grabpay expenses?

Perhaps you need a consolidated receipt to claim for expenses or

A good thing to note is that Gojek sends an e-invoice per transaction to your email. However we know it can be pretty tedious to process one by one, hence the need to download a consolidated transaction receipt.

Just follow this easy step-by-step guide to download all your consolidated Gojek transaction receipts just 5 mins!

Step 1: Open the Menu on the Homepage

You’ll need to use your Gojek mobile app for this as Gojek does not have a desktop option to download receipts like Grab.

Download Gojek receipts | Step 1

To open up the menu, just click on the icon at the top left corner.

Step 2: Click on “My Orders”

Download Gojek receipts | Step 2
Download Gojek receipts | Step 3

All your past orders will be shown in a list format here.

Step 3: Click the Download Icon & Select Your Statement Dates

Next, just click the download icon at the top right corner and you’ll be taken to a page titled “Download Statement”.

Download Gojek receipts | Step 4

Here all you need to do is select the date period and then click download!

💡Important note: the maximum period to download your statement is 1 year. So make sure to download them regularly to avoid them crossing the 1 year mark or you may not be able to retrieve it anymore!

A good practice would be to download the consolidated statements every month.